Feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up with marketing?  

Is your brain fried from endless content creation and social media struggles?

We get it.

Marketing can feel overwhelming, leaving you with a never-ending to-do list and zero time to breathe.  

There's a way to break free from the marketing grind and watch your results skyrocket.

These powerful AI tools use artificial intelligence to become your marketing partner, tackling your biggest pain points:

  • Writer's block? These AI tools can craft engaging content in minutes.
  • SEO a mystery? They'll generate data-driven content that ranks higher in searches.
  • Stuck on repeat tasks? Automate the mundane and free up your time for strategy.

Keep reading to find out our list of 17 must-try AI marketing tools in 2023.

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17 AI Marketing Tools to grow your business in 2023

Here are 17 AI marketing tools you need to try in 2023:

Okay, let’s dive a bit deeper into each one.

1. Jasper AI (AI Marketing Tool for copywriting)

Jasper AI
Jasper AI

The brains behind Jasper, one of the most illustrious among various AI-enabled copywriting systems, found themselves on the receiving end of their own triumph.

Marvel slapped them with a cease-and-desist notice after they amassed over 350,000 users.

Earlier, their AI was charmingly named Jarvis, a hat tip to Tony Stark's (better known as Iron Man) virtual aide.

"AI is the next step in business automation. AI has played a crucial role in enhancing business processes. AI can be deployed in a company's business operations for a specific strategic intent to boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and elevate customer service."

With a straightforward and user-friendly dashboard, an affordable implementation cost, and the ability to significantly accelerate the content production process, Jasper is quite the charmer. Sporting over 5,000 5-star reviews, it won't transform you into a Wordsworth or a Tolstoy, but it will certainly keep those all-important SEO page scores soaring high.

2. Surfer SEO (AI Marketing Tool for content writing)

Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool that helps you create copy for ranking on search engines — a worthy goal for any content strategy.

While you do the writing, Surfer assesses and scores your content according to its keyword density, readability, length, use of headers, and other aspects which push content up the rankings.

To use Surfer SEO, first you choose your domain, niche, and target audience.

The system will then give you actionable insights by highlighting the top-ranking keywords, suggest a content outline structure, and even define image density for your piece.

You can work directly on Surfer SEO, which has its own text editor, or copy-paste for quick analysis.

As you edit your work, you’ll see the SEO improving in real time.

Integrations are available with other content marketing tools like Jasper, WordPress, Google Docs, and more. Surfer SEO promises hit your organic growth metrics for Google search, and satisfied clients include FedEx, Shopify, Quantas, and Viacom.

3. Writer (AI Marketing Tool for content writing for teams)

writer homepage

Writer has secured a high-value URL, signaling ambitious goals. It positions itself as a vital tool for marketing teams, enhancing their writing capabilities.

Writer evolves the traditional text editor experience, similar to Microsoft Word, but with enhanced speed and efficiency.

It includes features like autocorrect, autocomplete, grammar checks, and clarity assessments, as well as a library of frequently used snippets for easy insertion.

There's also an intelligence toolkit that ensures content adheres to a company's house style, including a database of approved terminology—crucial for industries such as technology, legal, and finance.

Rather than making sweeping changes, Writer's AI subtly suggests improvements, making it an invaluable asset for virtual or hybrid teams that operate with little in-person supervision.

Writer's client list includes major companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Twitter, and Vistaprint.

4. Fullstory (AI Tool for digital experiences)

Fullstory homepage

Fullstory focuses on the digital experience by tracking a website visitor's journey from arrival to conversion or exit.

It captures valuable insights from user actions that are often unpredictable.

Using AI, Fullstory monitors every mouse movement, click, and page visit, creating a detailed "story" of each user’s experience.

These stories are analyzed alongside thousands of others to glean insights.

Leveraging AI's speed and scalability, Fullstory identifies opportunities and errors more quickly than human analysts.

It promises cost savings, improved customer retention, and a better user experience on websites.

Notable clients include GAP, Zipcar, Icelandair, and Forbes.

5. Zapier (for automating tasks)

Zapier (for automating tasks) homepage

Think of Zapier as a tech equivalent of a Lego set, designed for integrating systems and automating processes.

It lets you create connections between thousands of different systems, saving time, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs.

With Zapier, you can build custom workflows that automate actions across multiple platforms, ensuring accurate data transfer every time.

These automations, or 'zaps,' are easy to set up without any coding required, and templates are available to speed up the process.

Zapier supports over 3,000 integrations and allows for complex, conditional workflows.

The AI works in the background, triggering processes quickly and effectively.

Users praise the time savings provided by zaps. Zapier also offers excellent support resources, including a blog, webinars, a no-code online community, and Zapier University for training.

6. Hemingway App (AI Marketing Tool for content editing)

Hemingway Editor
Hemingway App (AI Marketing Tool for content editing) homepage

Even if you prefer human-written content, the Hemingway app can enhance your copy for better readability and clarity.

Named after the famously concise writer, this tool highlights areas of improvement such as long sentences, passive voice, and excessive adverb use.

It provides a readability score based on US school grades, aiming for 9th grade or lower to reach a wide audience.

Simply copy and paste your text into the online app and review the suggestions.

Hemingway is free to use, with a $20 version available that offers PDF exports, offline access, and publishing options.

However, be mindful that text optimized by Hemingway might be too simplistic for complex writings like annual reports or opinion articles, where personal style is crucial.

7. Chatfuel (AI Marketing Tool for chatbots)

Chatfuel homepage

The quality of a chatbot greatly depends on how it's built, and that's where Chatfuel shines.

This platform allows you to create a customized virtual assistant using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Chatfuel excels in making chatbots that can handle even misspelled or grammatically incorrect inputs, transforming boring FAQ pages or helping guide potential customers by offering discount codes.

Its advanced AI processes complex language, pinpointing keywords to trigger appropriate responses.

Chatfuel's partnership with Meta (formerly Facebook) underscores its high-quality AI capabilities.

8. Grammarly (AI Marketing Tool for content editing)

Grammarly ai homepage

Similar to Hemingway, Grammarly scrutinizes your content, hunting for potential enhancements.

However, unlike Hemingway, it doesn't impose rigid style guidelines and instead zeroes in on conventional syntax and grammatical norms.

A standout feature is Grammarly's ability to function across numerous apps, encompassing Gmail, Word, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Its AI underlines mistakes and suggests corrections, which you can either embrace or disregard.

Going a step beyond mere grammatical and punctuation checks, Grammarly can pinpoint redundant words, stylistic inconsistencies, and propose alternative word choices.

The tool operates by highlighting and color-coding errors or suggested improvements (akin to Hemingway's approach) and has earned accolades from esteemed publications like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Forbes.

9. Albert.ai (AI Marketing Tool for digital advertising)

Albert.ai (AI Marketing Tool for digital advertising) homepage

Advertising has traditionally been a game of hit-or-miss, but that was before AI came into the picture.

Albert steps in to personalize and enhance ad content on a large scale, spanning social media and paid search platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, Bing, and more.

Albert.ai serves as a test bed for experimenting with and refining campaigns to capitalize on unnoticed channel opportunities, untapped demographics, or emerging markets. It assists in making ad campaigns more relevant and less wasteful.

Companies like Crabtree & Evelyn, Telenor, and Harley Davidson have embraced Albert.

Notably, the latter experienced a five-fold surge in site traffic and an astronomical 2,930% spike in leads per month.

10. Headlime (AI Tool for landing pages)

Headlime homepage

Landing page copy is vital—it's like the front display of an online store.

Headlime is an AI tool that excels in creating landing pages.

Using OpenAI's GPT-3, it predicts and completes your text, saving lots of time.

It offers effective headlines, optimizes word length, and can write in various styles and languages.

Similar to Jasper in creating blog content, Headlime also includes a simple page builder, cutting down the need for copying and pasting.

Its main focus is to reduce the time visitors spend on the page and increase conversions.

With over 1,700 copy templates in 11 languages, you can quickly set up a global landing page.

11. Userbot.ai (AI Tool for conversation management)

userbot ai

At first Userbot might seem like just another chatbot but it’s much cleverer than that.

When Userbot can’t parse a customer’s query, it hands over to a human operator but continues to monitor and learn from the rest of the conversation.

Userbot then uses what it learns to improve and add the new user query to its repertoire.

Over time, Userbot should become more and more intuitive and effective, although you may still have to reply on human operators a fair bit when you first implement it.

12. Browse AI (AI Tool for scraping web pages)

Browse AI
Browse AI homepage

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a crucial tool for digital marketers, allowing you to analyze rival brands, spot trends, and understand pricing strategies and product launches.

Browse AI helps you efficiently gather this data by training a bot to automatically fill a spreadsheet with the needed information.

For instance, you could use it to find low-rated reviews of competitor products to identify areas for improvement or check current prices of similar items online.

Browse AI's technology can mimic human actions to bypass Captcha and other bot-detection methods, making it a favorite among over 2500 companies, including Adobe, Amazon, Salesforce, and HubSpot.

13. Algolia (AI Tool for search and recommendation APIs)

Algolia (AI Tool for search and recommendation APIs) homepage

Search fields can be incredibly useful or frustrating. Instead of using a generic "powered by Google" search, consider creating a custom search tailored to your needs with Algolia.

This tool is especially popular among entertainment and e-commerce businesses with large product catalogs.

By enabling visitors to quickly find what they're looking for, Algolia increases the likelihood of purchases.

You can create your own search filters to help customers find exactly what they need quickly.

Algolia is used by major companies like Staples, Gymshark, NBCUniversal, Decathlon, and Lacoste.

14. PhotoRoom (AI Tool for removing image backgrounds)

PhotoRoom app
Photoroom homepage

Check out this free tool called PhotoRoom, which effortlessly removes the background from any photo, leaving the human subject on a transparent backdrop perfect for blending into other graphics.

Leveraging AI and machine learning, it quickly separates the subject from the background, a task that used to take designers much longer.

You can also add any colored background you choose. Ideal for creating "meet the team" pages or avatars for various uses, PhotoRoom offers a premium version for batch processing and a mobile app for editing on the go.

15. Reply.io’s AI Sales Email Assistant (AI Tool for email replies)

Reply.io AI sales email assistant
Reply.io’s AI Sales Email Assistant

Building standard email replies can rapidly evolve into a repetitive and time-consuming task.

Reply.io's AI Sales Email Assistant aspires to eliminate much of that monotony.

However, it boasts numerous applications, characterizing itself as a "sales engagement platform."

While the conversion rate for email marketing drives might be a meager 1.22%, that can equate to a pile of promising prospects when you amplify your operations.

To exploit this strategy to the fullest, which can be completely automated, you require an AI-driven email assistant like Reply.io.

Forge cold email drip campaigns across various channels, and Reply will automate the nitty-gritty, utilizing AI-enabled response scoring to help pinpoint potential leads.

There's a plethora of CRM integrations and predictive analytics tools to monitor the trajectory of your campaigns.

16. Brand24 (for media monitoring)

brand24 homepage

Curious about how your brand is perceived online but unsure where to start?

Brand24 expertly gathers brand mentions from news sites, social media, blogs, forums, and videos.

It uses sentiment analysis to understand discussion topics and user emotions.

This tool allows you to quickly address criticism and customer support issues, enhancing loyalty and identifying potential product flaws early.

Brand24 outperforms simple Google searches by highlighting critical mentions and positive reviews, filtering out irrelevant content.

It also features excellent hashtag trend analysis and robust customer support, including blogs and masterclasses to improve your marketing and customer service. Notable clients include Uber, Stanford University, and Intel.

17. Influencity (AI Tool for influencer marketing)

Influencity for influencer marketing
Influencity homepage

Using social media influencers in marketing has become increasingly popular, especially for brands targeting niche or younger audiences.

Influencity, known as the "most comprehensive influencer marketing platform," is favored by major companies like WPP, Kellogg's, and Samsung.

The platform helps brands find influencers, collaborate on campaigns, and track their success.

It supports all major social media platforms and offers detailed analytics, making it ideal for marketing agencies handling multiple brands.

AI Marketing Tools: Final Words

AI marketing tools have completely changed how we do digital advertising and interact with customers.

Tools like Albert for creative optimization, Headlime for writing web page content, Userbot for handling chats, Browse AI for gathering web data, Algolia for searches and recommendations, PhotoRoom for editing out image backgrounds, Reply.io for managing sales emails, and Brand24 for monitoring media, all bring unique benefits.

These tools are not just changing how things are done; they are setting new standards, helping businesses do things better and faster than ever.

This is just the start of the AI revolution in marketing, with these tools leading the way.

Key Takeaway:

17 AI Marketing Tools

  1. Beat writer's block: AI tools can whip up fresh content ideas and captivating social media captions.
  2. SEO mastery made easy: Generate data-driven content that search engines love and watch your rankings soar.
  3. Free up your time: Automate repetitive tasks and finally escape the marketing to-do list monster.
  4. Do more with less: Boost your marketing efficiency with the help of clever AI assistants.
  5. Say goodbye to overwhelm: Ditch the stress and finally feel in control of your marketing strategy.
  6. Unlock your marketing superpower: Unleash the power of AI and watch your marketing results take flight.
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