The popularity of AI-language models has created many ethical issues for various domains, especially academia. Many students have started using such tools for writing assignments, projects, and research articles. They started deceiving their teachers and getting outstanding grades without putting much effort into research or writing.

The excessive use of AI tools has badly affected academic integrity. To cope with the issue, some institutes have banned access to such tools on their premises. However, it’s not the ultimate solution to the problem, as students don’t open them on the institutes’ premises but use them at home. 

A great solution to the problem is using AI content detectors. Some companies have built advanced AI detectors that help people quickly determine if the content is generated by a machine or a person. 

Like AI chatbots, such tools also caught everyone’s attention, and now they are being used by people from various domains.

Many of them are very effective and precise, as they catch almost every instance of AI plagiarism. However, a few AI detectors are famous for inaccurate results, as sometimes they fail to detect the text generated by AI tools, and other times they show false positives.

If you are looking for the best AI detectors, this article is for you.

Best AI Detectors to Use in 2024, a popular platform that offers multiple handy tools for various users, has recently developed an advanced AI content detector.

This tool uses the most sophisticated AI algorithms to check the text and analyze who wrote it. 

It thoroughly analyzes the text, classifies it, and makes perfect decisions according to the text. Unlike many popular tools developed for the same purpose, it is more accurate and authentic. 

Although it offers precise reports, it is 100% free to use. Whether you want to check a few paragraphs or complete research articles, you never need to buy its premium subscription.

Pros of

  • No registration required
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and detailed reports


ZeroGPT is one of the most famous tools in this category. It is a purposefully built tool to fulfill users' requirements to detect AI-generated text. This tool can also precisely locate the text written by GPT-4, ChatGPT, Gemini, and other AI tools. Many bloggers, website owners, and educators trust the reports provided by this AI content detector. 

If you have tried various AI content detectors and are unsatisfied with their reports, check the text with this tool. It won’t disappoint you, as it rarely fails to detect AI plagiarism or shows false positives.

Pros of ZeroGPT

  • Support all languages
  • Highlight AI-written sentences
  • Show AI percentage


If you belong to academia, you would definitely be well aware of Turnitin. Turnitin is affiliated with academia, like marketing is connected to sales. It offers the best solutions to its users. Due to its accuracy, almost every educational institute trusts its reports and asks students to submit assignments via Turnitin. 

This platform has also developed a sophisticated AI content detector to check students’ assignments and research articles. Like its plagiarism checker, most institutes use its AI detector for students’ work. Simply put, it has stood up to its name and delivered another reliable and trustworthy text analysis tool.

Pros of Turnitin

  • The most accurate tool
  • Detects all instances of AI plagiarism
  • Everyone trusts it

You must have heard the name at least once. It enjoys popularity because of various useful online tools. It has also introduced its AI detector. The AI content detector by also has the trust of most netizens, especially website owners and marketers. 

This content detector uses the most advanced NLP algorithms to analyze and interpret the text and make the right calls. Also, this utility is free for everyone, with no daily, weekly, or monthly limit. 

If you want to check hundreds of articles without spending even a single penny, trust

Pros of DupliChecker

  • Outstanding user interface
  • No signup or registration is required
  • Best for both academic and website content is another free platform to check AI content. RewriteGuru gained the attention of students, writers, bloggers, teachers, and content marketers because of its handy online text analysis and modification tools. 

Its AI detector deeply scans the text and analyzes the language, tone, and predictability. 

After the analysis, it provides 100% accurate reports to users. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the text, which gives it a competitive edge and makes it more reliable than many of its counterparts.

Pros of

  • Deep analysis
  • Quickly provide AI reports
  • Free to use is famous for its outstanding tools. As the name suggests, it was initially developed to assist SEO executives and digital marketers. 

However, it serves various kinds of users these days. It offers plenty of tools to help SEO experts and website owners manage their websites effectively. It has also built an AI detector famous for its accuracy and dependability. However, it’s no less than any paid or free AI detector. In fact, it’s better than many paid AI detectors. Try it; you will surely be impressed with its accuracy.

Pros of

  • Free to use
  • Show AI and human written percentage
  • Best for website owners


Copyleaks, as an online platform, also enjoys huge popularity on the web. It was previously popular because of its plagiarism checker. However, with the increasing need to detect AI-generated content, it also came with its highly advanced tool, which can detect such content easily. 

This tool is also considered among the top tools that have helped users get highly accurate and reliable AI detection results. It claims the ability to detect content generated by various generative AI models. 

Pros of AI Content Detector by Copyleaks

  • Offers multilingual support.
  • Easily usable because of the simple interface.
  • Multiple usage modes, including basic and enhanced.


The domain name perfectly suggests the reason behind the creation of this platform. 

This was developed to host a top-notch AI detection tool. Including the term GPT may confuse a few people, as this tool can only detect content generated by a particular generative AI model. 

However, the good news is it is capable of much more than that. The phrase “More than an AI Detector” in the tagline of this platform also suggests that this tool is capable of offering reliable and accurate results. 

Moreover, it claims to effectively differentiate between human-written and AI-generated content. 

Pros of GPTZero

  • Allows users to enjoy enhanced features with the premium version.
  • Offers comprehensive writing report.
  • Ensures deep analysis of the given text.

Final Words

Whether you are an educator, blogger, SEO expert, or website owner, if you want to check the content you have received from others is written by an AI chatbot, don’t use any random tool available online. Instead, always check how authentic or accurate that tool is. That’s how you can make the right decisions. The tools mentioned in this article are a few of the best in this regard. Use any of them you like the most; you will get the best results.

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