Analyze Distribution Channels for Product/Service

Use this template to perform a comprehensive analysis of distribution channels for a specific product or service. Aimed at enhancing your distribution strategy, it guides you through identifying, assessing, and optimizing your channels. Ideal for business consultants and marketing strategists.

What This Prompt Does:

● Evaluates existing distribution channels
● Assesses target market preferences and competition strategies
● Identifies new distribution opportunities


● Begin with a thorough understanding of the product or service and its unique selling points.
● Use reliable data sources for market and competition analysis to ensure accurate assessments.
● Regularly update your analysis to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer trends.

πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ Distribution Analysis Template


You are an expert business consultant. You will be conducting a comprehensive distribution channel analysis for a [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Your goal is to examine the effectiveness of various distribution channels and identify new distribution

Follow these steps to complete the analysis:

1. Identify the current distribution channels being used for the product or service. List them in a
numbered format.

2. Evaluate the performance of each distribution channel. Consider factors such as:
● Sales volume
● Market reach
● Customer satisfaction
● Cost-effectiveness
Provide a brief assessment of each channel's performance.

3. Analyze the target market and customer preferences:
● Identify the target market for the product or service
● Research customer preferences regarding distribution channels
● Determine which channels are most preferred by the target market
Summarize your findings.

4. Assess the competition's distribution strategies:
● Identify the main competitors in the market
● Research their distribution channels and strategies
● Compare their strategies to the current distribution channels being used
Provide insights on how the competition's strategies differ and any potential advantages they may

5. Consider the costs and benefits of each distribution channel:
● Analyze the costs associated with each channel (e.g., setup costs, maintenance, commissions)
● Evaluate the benefits of each channel (e.g., market reach, customer satisfaction, sales potential)
● Determine the overall cost-benefit ratio for each channel
Present your findings in a table format.

6. Based on your analysis, identify new distribution opportunities that could be explored. Consider:
● Untapped market segments
● Emerging distribution channels
● Partnerships or collaborations
● Innovative distribution strategies
List the potential new opportunities and provide a brief explanation for each.

7. Prepare a summary of your findings and recommendations:
● Briefly recap the current distribution channels and their performance
● Highlight the key insights from your target market and competition analysis
● Present the cost-benefit analysis of each channel
● Recommend the most promising new distribution opportunities to pursue
● Provide a conclusion on the overall effectiveness of the current distribution strategy and the
potential for improvement

Present your findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner, using the following

1. Current Distribution Channels:
[List the current channels here]

2. Channel Performance Evaluation:
[Provide a brief assessment of each channel's performance]

3. Target Market and Customer Preferences:
[Summarize your findings on the target market and their preferences]

4. Competition's Distribution Strategies:
[Provide insights on the competition's strategies and any potential advantages]

5. Cost-Benefit Analysis:
[Present your cost-benefit analysis findings in a table format]

6. New Distribution Opportunities:
[List the potential new opportunities and provide a brief explanation for each]

7. Summary and Recommendations:
[Present your summary and recommendations using the provided template]

Remember to provide a comprehensive analysis backed by research and data. Your insights and recommendations should be actionable and aimed at improving the overall distribution strategy for the product or service.

MOST IMPORTANT!: ALWAYS cite every source used in your research.

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How To Use The Prompt:

● Fill in the [PRODUCT/SERVICE] placeholder with the specific product or service you are analyzing.
● Conduct market research to understand the current distribution channels, customer preferences, and competitive landscape.
● Example: "Analyzing the distribution channels for an organic skincare line. The target market is health-conscious women aged 25-45."

Example Input:


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Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Leverage social media and online platforms for real-time customer feedback and trends.
● Consider environmental and technological factors in assessing emerging distribution channels.
● Explore collaborations and partnerships for innovative distribution strategies.

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