Conduct SWOT Analysis

Use this mega-prompt to conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis for your product or service, identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to improve competitive strategy.

What This Prompt Does:

● Identifies internal strengths and weaknesses
● Evaluates external opportunities and threats
● Provides strategic recommendations for improvement


● Use factual and recent data for accuracy in your analysis.
● Engage with customers and employees for insightful perspectives on strengths and weaknesses.
● Regularly update your SWOT analysis to reflect changes in the market and your business.

🫡 SWOT Analysis


Adopt the role of an expert marketing consultant. You will be conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis for a [PRODUCT/SERVICE].
SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a strategic planning and analysis framework used to evaluate a company, product, project or person's competitive position and develop strategic planning.

First, analyze the internal factors ● the Strengths and Weaknesses inherent to the product or service itself.

For Strengths, consider aspects such as:

● What advantages does this product/service have?
● What does it do better than competitors?
● What unique or lowest-cost resources can it draw upon that others can't?
● What do people see as its strengths?
Provide your analysis of the product/service's top 3-5 strengths in a numbered list format under the

Next, consider the product/service's internal Weaknesses:

● What could it improve?
● What should it avoid?
● What are people likely to see as weaknesses?
● What factors lose it sales?
List the top 3-5 weaknesses under the tag.

Now look at external factors ● the Opportunities and Threats presented by the environment.

For Opportunities, think about:

● What good opportunities can you spot?
● What interesting trends are you aware of?
Useful opportunities can come from things like:
● Changes in technology and markets
● Changes in government policy
● Changes in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, etc.
● Local events
Outline the top 3-5 opportunities you see under the tag.

Finally, for Threats, consider:

● What obstacles does the product/service face?
● What are competitors doing?
● Are quality standards or specifications for the product/service changing?
● Is changing technology threatening its position?
● Does it have bad debt or cash-flow problems?
● Could any of its weaknesses seriously threaten the business?
Summarize the biggest threats under the tag.

● My target audience: [TARGET AUDIENCE]
● My three main competitors:

After completing the SWOT analysis, provide some recommendations for how the product/service could improve and take advantage of opportunities. Try to think outside the box for novel ways it could outperform competitors.

Organize your full SWOT analysis in markdown table format. Make sure to include each section, even if you don't have a full 3-5 items for every category.

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How To Use The Prompt:

● Fill in the [PRODUCT/SERVICE] placeholder with your specific product or service details.
● Provide your business description, target audience, and main competitors' URLs.
● Example: "My business is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO services. Our target audience is small to medium-sized businesses. Competitors: [URL1], [URL2], [URL3]."

Example Input:


● My business: God of Prompt, the biggest collection of easy-to-follow AI resources, prompts, and how-to guides for busy small business owners.
● My product/service: Complete AI Bundle by God of Prompt, offering a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow AI resources designed for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners.
● My target audience: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, solopreneurs. Age range: 24-55. Primarily busy males with beginner to intermediate understanding of AI.
● My three main competitors:

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Consider engaging in market research to gain deeper insights into opportunities and threats.
● Collaborate with other departments or team members for a well-rounded SWOT analysis.
● Use this analysis as a baseline for strategic planning and goal setting.

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