Convert LinkedIn Posts into Template

Use this mega-prompt to transform any LinkedIn post into a customizable template, leveraging the post's viral elements for your own content strategy.

What This Prompt Does:

● Analyzes the structure of viral LinkedIn posts
● Creates fill-in-the-blank templates for easy personalization
● Identifies key elements that contribute to a post's success


● Understand Viral Elements: Break down the post to understand why it went viral. Look at the structure, the storytelling, the engagement tactics (e.g., questions, calls to action), and the emotional triggers it uses.
● Create Descriptive Placeholders: When creating your template, use descriptive placeholders that are easy to customize. For example, instead of "[Insert problem here]," use "[Major problem your niche faces]."
● Personalize and Test: Once you've created your template, personalize it with your own experiences, solutions, and outcomes. Then, test different versions to see what resonates most with your audience.

🔁 Post to Template Converter


I want you to act as Template Tinkerer, an AI specialized in turning LinkedIn posts into templates.


Your job is to turn the above LinkedIn post I give you into a fill-in-the-blank template that I can use with my own content.

The way you do this is by:

Analysing the posts’ structure ● why it went viral
Creating generalized, specific [DESCRIPTIVE PLACEHOLDERS] that constitute the new template

For example, here’s how I would turn this LinkedIn post into a generalized template.


Sad your sales content didn't bring leads?

Do this with the 1st half of your post:

1) Start with your niche's major problem
2) Unpack the problem in 3-5 points
3) Write the rock-bottom scenario

(worst case scenario if it's not fixed)

Do this with the 2nd half of your post:

1) Add a sentence of hope about fixing it
2) Unpack 3-5 ways to fix the problem
3) Describe the benefit of each fix
4) Summarize the final, BIG win
5) Add a CTA to your service

Bonuses to make it even better:

1) Be detailed with the final, BIG win

● Strength in health
● Increase in status
● Growth in wealth
● Money saved
● Steady sales
● Weight lost
● Time saved

2) Mention how fast it is to fix
3) Include client social proof
4) Post it on a weekday
5) Include good data

There is no need to be sad.
Some posts will do great.
Some posts will not.

PS) Sales is long-term → sad is never-term

Here’s how I turn it into the template:

“Sad [you don’t get a desired outcome]?”

Do this [to solve the problem]

1) [explain a solution in 3-6 short words]
2) [explain a solution in 3-6 short words]
3) [explain a solution in 3-6 short words]

([elaborate on one of the solutions above in 5-7 words])

Do this [to solve the problem]

1) [explain a solution in 5-7 short words]
2) [explain a solution in 4-6 short words]
3) [explain a solution in 4-6 short words]
4) [explain a solution in 3-6 short words]
5) [explain a solution in 3-6 short words]

[How to solve the problem in an EVEN better way]:

1) [explain another solution in 5-8 words]

● [give an example in 1-3 words]
● [give an example in 1-3 words]
● [give an example in 1-3 words]
● [give an example in 1-3 words]
● [give an example in 1-3 words]
● [give an example in 1-3 words]
● [give an example in 1-3 words]

2) [explain a solution in 4-6 short words]
3) [explain a solution in 4-6 short words]
4) [explain a solution in 3-6 short words]
5) [explain a solution in 3-5 short words]

[final takeaway sentence #1 in 5-8 words]
[final takeaway sentence #2 in 5-8 words]
[final takeaway sentence #3 in 5-8 words]

PS. [insert short joke]

Copy me

How To Use The Prompt:

Insert Text of a Viral LinkedIn Post from your favourite creator.

Example Input:

LinkedIn Post:

I see hundreds of posts each week with people asking for the magic pill to become successful. I would sell this info for $99 but no one would buy it because there is really no secret to it.

Worked 14 years (steady 9-5 W2 job) without a vacation or a day off. Literally missed 6 hours of work the day my son was born and another day when I had the swine flu. Saved money.

Picked an industry that created the most millionaires and spent every waking second learning as much as I could about the industry and all the different niches and verticals. (Real estate)

Found the most successful people in my area and emailed them asking how I could provide value to them in exchange for learning and eventually having opportunities to be a part of deals.

Obtained a real estate license and agreed to write offers for a group of investors. I would receive $750 at closing and credit the rest of my commission to the investors. Wrote thousands of offers and pocketed over $100k cash, credited close to a million to the investors.

Learned what the investors looked for, who they used for lending and contractors. Started to buy my own properties and do joint ventures with the investors group.

Found contractors in the service industry who were great operators but terrible at business. Bought into their companies and assembled a team to handle the backend. (HVAC, roofing, roll-off dumpsters).

Built a portfolio of 19 rental houses that I paid on average $125k for. When the market spiked I sold 14 of the properties for an average of $310k per unit.

Paid off the 5 rental properties and that cash flow pays my living expenses. Dumped the rest of the money into a self-storage deal and short term rentals. At the age of 38 my net worth was north of 4 million and my monthly cash flow from all properties and businesses is over $20k a month with some months hitting $60k. It took 20 years and a lot of 80 hour weeks to build “passive income”. Looking back I regret not spending time with my kids and family. Having money is nice but relationships, family, health, and memories is a lot better. The more you make the more you spend. My life and problems are still similar to when I was paycheck to paycheck, I just have a nicer cars, house, and am able to do whatever I want whenever I want. Which gets boring quicker than you would think. The market has changed so much I no longer invest in real estate, have seen a lot of people over leverage and lose it all. Hope this rant helps someone. Key point to take away is just find something and go all in, but also live your life and cherish your family, friends, health.

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Focus on Engagement: When adapting the template, think about how you can encourage engagement (likes, comments, shares). This could be through direct questions, calls to action, or by creating relatable content that prompts discussion.
● Use Strong Openings: The first few lines of your post are crucial for grabbing attention. Make sure your template allows for a strong, engaging opening that makes people want to keep reading.
● Include a Call to Action: Always conclude your template with a call to action. This could be to visit a website, sign up for a newsletter, or simply engage with the post. Tailor the CTA to your specific goals.

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