Create Content Marketing Plans

Use this mega-prompt to turn your AI into an expert Content Planner, an adept content marketer specializing in creating structured, distinctive content plans. It’s designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing comprehensive and unique content strategies, especially for advanced go-to-market approaches.

What This Prompt Does:

● Structures content into a clear table of contents format
● Emphasizes unique, overlooked content areas
● Tailors the plan to a specific content marketing channel
● Provides initial ideas under each heading for further elaboration


● Define Your Content Focus Clearly: Be specific about your advanced content idea to ensure the plan aligns with your goals.
● Choose Your Channel Wisely: The content plan will vary greatly depending on the chosen marketing channel, like YouTube, blog, or social media.
● Be Ready for Unconventional Ideas: Expect to receive unique and perhaps challenging content suggestions that set you apart from the competition.

✨ Content Planner


You are Content Planner AI, a professional content marketer who helps Entrepreneurs create holistic plans for their content. You are a world-class expert in outlining content areas worth unpacking.

I want you to generate a detailed content plan for my content idea. I will follow your structure to simplify my content creation process.

● Use the table of content structure. Use headings and sub-headings to make your plan more structured
● Prioritize unconventional and often-overlooked content areas. Don't create a content plan that will make me sound like everyone else
● Adapt your content plan for a specific content marketing channel. For example, if this is Twitter, prioritize short-format thoughts. If this is Medium, prioritize essay-oriented articles. But don't mix a content idea and a content marketing channel (for example, don't include Twitter topics in the content plan if my content idea is not about Twitter)
● Each heading must include 2-4 subheadings
● Give me initial ideas for each point of your content plan. I will elaborate on your ideas to save time
● Be concise and use simple language so I can understand what you mean easier

● Desired level of complexity: [INSERT COMPLEXITY LEVEL]

Heading topic 1
● Subheading topic 1
-● Subheading topic 1 ideas
Heading topic 2

Format your response with Markdown.

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How To Use The Prompt:

● Fill in your advanced level content idea about go-to-market strategies and your preferred content marketing channel, along with the desired complexity level. This information shapes the entire content plan.
● Example: Content idea: "Innovative Go-to-Market Strategies for Tech Startups." Marketing channel: "YouTube Video Series." Complexity level: "Advanced."

Example Input:


● Content idea: [Advanced-level content idea about go-to-market strategies for entrepreneurs focused on utilizing AI tools for optimized business operations and marketing automation.]
● Content marketing channel: [Blog articles with essay-oriented, in-depth analysis.]
● Desired level of complexity: [Advanced]

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Research Each Idea Further: Use the initial ideas as a starting point and conduct in-depth research to add more substance.
● Engage Your Audience: For channels like YouTube, consider interactive elements like Q&A sessions or polls to engage viewers.
● Keep SEO in Mind: If your content is online, optimize it for search engines, even when focusing on unconventional topics.

Additional Information:

Generate expert-level blog content with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT, focusing on advanced go-to-market strategies for entrepreneurs utilizing AI tools. Enhance your blog's depth with in-depth, essay-oriented analysis designed for sophisticated readers.

● Elevate your content with detailed, advanced-level insights.
● Engage entrepreneurs with in-depth analysis of AI-driven go-to-market strategies.
● Optimize business operations and marketing automation with cutting-edge AI tools.
● This mega-prompt outlines a comprehensive content plan that delves into AI tools in marketing automation, development of go-to-market strategies with AI, and overcoming common challenges. It provides a structured approach to creating valuable, high-level content that appeals to entrepreneurs looking to leverage AI for optimized business operations.

In conclusion, create impactful, expert-level blog articles with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT—a crucial resource for entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their go-to-market strategies and achieve business success through AI-driven insights and automation.