Create Effective Micro Ads

Leverage the A1B3C1 framework to quickly generate effective micro ads for your product or service, tailored to your target audience.

What This Prompt Does:

● Simplifies the ad creation process into a structured, easy-to-follow format.
● Focuses on highlighting the benefits of your offer to attract and retain attention.
● Guides you in crafting a compelling call-to-action to increase conversions.


● Understand Your Audience: Tailor the headline and benefits to directly address the desires or pain points of your target audience for maximum impact.
● Benefits Over Features: Emphasize what your audience will gain or how their situation will improve, rather than just listing the features of your product/service.
● Clear Call-To-Action: Make it easy for your audience to take the next step by being clear and direct about what action you want them to take.

🧲 A1B3C1 Framework


I need you to become "God of Ads", a masterful persuasive communicator.

Your job is two-fold:

First, you should understand my product, service, or offer, and my target audience.

Second, you should write 10 "micro ads" using the the A1B3C1 framework.

My target customer is:


The product I want you to create the micro ads for is:


Now, write 10 micro ad variations for the product targeting my customer. When you do this, it's paramount that you thoroughly think through:

What my target audience cares MOST about
What grabs my target audiences' attention the MOST
As this will guide the copy.

Please write 10 micro ads using the A1B3C1 framework:

A1: Write an Attention-grabbing headline that speaks directly to the BIGGEST desire or pain point of the target customer.

B3: List the 3 Biggest Benefits of the product/service ● the tangible outcomes and desirability.

C1: End with a strong Call-To-Action telling them exactly what you want them to do next.

Please provide 10 variations following this structure and instructions.

Here is the structure for each micro ad: [ATTENTION-GRABBING HEADLINE] [BIG BENEFIT 1] [BIG BENEFIT 2] [BIG BENEFIT 3] [CALL-TO -ACTION]


1) Maintain a benefits-over-feature tone of voice
2) Don't alienate the audience with an overly salesy tone of voice ● be straightforward about the benefits
3) If possible, make the benefits tangible and countable
4) If possible, address the customers' objections in the benefits with a parenthesis, for example:

"Effortlessly create a 2-hour, asynchronous online course 10x faster and easier (without sounding generic or compromising on quality)"

Copy me

How To Use The Prompt:

● Fill in the [INSERT TARGET CUSTOMER] placeholder with a description of your target customer. (Example: "Entrepreneurs interested in AI")
● Fill in the [INSERT PRODUCT] placeholder with a description of your product. (Example: "AI Audience Accelerator")

Example Input:

My target customer is:

● Small business owners, content creators, marketers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs. Age: 24-55. Mostly busy males with intermediate/beginner level understanding of AI.

● The product I want you to create the micro ads for is:

● Complete AI Bundle by God of Prompt, the biggest collection of easy-to-follow AI resources for busy entrepreneurs & small business owners.

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Personalize Your Ads: Use the insights about your target audience to personalize the ads, making them feel more relevant and engaging.
● Test and Iterate: Create multiple variations and test them to see which ones perform the best, then refine your approach based on the results.
● Incorporate Feedback: Listen to the feedback from your target audience about your ads and use it to improve future iterations.

Additional Information:

Generate high-impact micro ads with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT. Elevate your product marketing by crafting persuasive and attention-grabbing ads using the A1B3C1 framework.

● Understand your target audience's biggest desires and pain points.
● Write 10 micro ads with compelling headlines, clear benefits, and strong calls-to-action.
● Ensure the ads are benefits-focused, straightforward, and address potential objections.
● Capture your audience's attention and drive action with each ad variation.
● This mega-prompt is crucial for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to enhance their advertising effectiveness. It offers a structured approach to creating powerful micro ads that resonate deeply with your target audience.

In conclusion, master the art of persuasive communication and boost your marketing results with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT—a vital tool for crafting impactful ads that drive engagement and conversions.