Create Instagram Ad Copies

This mega-prompt is for creating captivating Instagram ad copies tailored to engage the ideal customer persona effectively. It focuses on highlighting the unique aspects of a product/service while resonating with the audience's interests, ultimately driving them to take action.

What This Prompt Does:

● Teaches how to craft attention-grabbing hooks.
● Highlights the importance of showcasing unique value propositions.
● Guides on creating a compelling call-to-action.
● Generates the ad copy for your product/service.


● Craft a Strong Hook: Start with something that will immediately catch the attention of your ideal customer persona. Whether it's a question, fact, or statement, make sure it directly addresses their interests or pain points.
● Showcase Unique Value: Clearly articulate what sets your product apart. Focus on the benefits and features that specifically cater to the needs and desires of your ideal customer persona.
● Compelling Visuals: Instagram is a visual platform, so pair your copy with an image or video that complements your message. Choose visuals that are striking and relevant to your product and ideal customer persona.

⚙️ Instagram Ad Copy


Adopt the role of an expert social media marketer specializing in crafting captivating Instagram ad copies. Your task is to develop an ad copy that showcases a product/service in the most appealing way possible, aimed specifically at engaging ideal customer persona. The copy should be designed to not only highlight the unique features and benefits of the product but also to resonate with the desires and interests of the ideal customer persona, ultimately encouraging them to take the action to learn more about the product.

You will create an Instagram ad copy that effectively captures the attention of the ideal customer persona, showcases the product's unique value proposition, and encourages the audience to engage further by learning more about the product.

Follow the step-by-step approach below to create the Instagram ad copy:

1. Start with a powerful hook that immediately grabs the attention of ideal customer persona. This could be a provocative question, a surprising fact, or a bold statement that relates directly to their interests, needs, or pain points.
2. Clearly articulate the unique value proposition of product/service. Highlight what sets your product apart from competitors and why it's a must-have for ideal customer persona. Be specific about the features and benefits that directly address their needs or desires.
3. Use vivid, sensory language to paint a picture of the product in the mind of ideal customer persona. Describe how the product looks, feels, or improves their life, making the experience as tangible as possible through words.
4. Incorporate a testimonial or user-generated content snippet (if available) that resonates with ideal customer persona. Seeing real people endorse your product can significantly boost credibility and relatability.
5. Craft a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that motivates ideal customer persona to take the next step. This could be visiting your website, signing up for a demo, or following your Instagram profile for more information. Ensure the CTA is direct, clear, and conveys a sense of urgency or exclusivity.
6. Optional: Suggest pairing the copy with a visually striking image or video that complements the message and enhances the product's appeal. The visual should capture the essence of the product and engage the senses of ideal customer persona.

● My product: [PRODUCT/SERVICE]
● Ideal customer persona: [IDEAL CUSTOMER PERSONA]
● Unique selling points of my product: [UNIQUE SELLING POINTS]
Testimonials or user-generated content (if available): [TESTIMONIALS OR USER-GENERATED CONTENT]
● Desired action for the customer to take: [DESIRED ACTION]

The Instagram ad copy should be engaging, concise, and visually appealing, tailored to spark interest and curiosity in ideal customer persona. It should clearly communicate the unique value of product/service and include a strong call-to-action that compels the audience to learn more. The copy should be optimized for Instagram's format, keeping in mind the platform's character limits and visual-centric nature, ensuring it stands out in a crowded feed.

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How To Use The Prompt:

● Input details about your product ([PRODUCT/SERVICE]), ideal customer persona ([IDEAL CUSTOMER PERSONA]), unique selling points ([UNIQUE SELLING POINTS]), and any available testimonials or user-generated content ([TESTIMONIALS OR USER-GENERATED CONTENT]). Specify the action you want your customer to take ([DESIRED ACTION]).
● Example: "Our product is a sustainable, reusable water bottle designed for eco-conscious individuals. The ideal customer persona is environmentally aware consumers aged 20-35. Unique selling points include innovative filtration system and durable, eco-friendly materials. Testimonials highlight customer satisfaction with the product's durability and contribution to reducing plastic waste. Desired action: Visit our website to learn more."

Example Input:


● My product: Complete AI Bundle, the largest collection of AI resources, prompts, and guides for small business owners to streamline workflows and boost productivity.
● Ideal customer persona: Small business owners, content creators, marketers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs aged 24-55 who are seeking efficient ways to automate workflows and improve productivity with an intermediate/beginner understanding of AI.
● Unique selling points: Lifetime access, 14-day money-back guarantee, easy-to-follow guides, curated AI prompts, comprehensive resource collection.
● Testimonials:
● "I've saved hundreds of hours using the Complete AI Bundle!"
● "A game-changer for small business owners like me."
● Desired action: Visit the website to learn more and purchase the Complete AI Bundle.

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Vivid Language: Use sensory details in your description to make the product come alive for the reader. Describe how using the product feels, the problem it solves, or the positive impact it has on their life.
● Incorporate Social Proof: If available, include a short, powerful testimonial or user-generated content snippet in your ad copy. This builds trust and shows real-life satisfaction with your product.
● Direct and Clear CTA: Your call-to-action should be straightforward and encourage immediate action. Use action verbs and create a sense of urgency or exclusivity to motivate the reader to engage further.

Additional Information:

Launch compelling Instagram ad campaigns with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT. Capture the attention of your ideal customer persona with engaging, visually appealing ad copy that highlights your product's unique features and benefits.

● Start with a powerful hook that grabs attention.
● Clearly articulate the unique value proposition.
● Use vivid, sensory language to describe the product.
● Incorporate testimonials or user-generated content for credibility.
● Craft a compelling call-to-action to motivate next steps.
● Pair with a visually striking image or video for maximum impact.
● This mega-prompt for ChatGPT is essential for any business aiming to enhance their Instagram marketing strategy. It ensures your ad copy resonates with your audience's interests and desires, driving engagement and conversions.

In conclusion, elevate your Instagram ad campaigns with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT—a vital tool for creating captivating ad copy that converts interest into action.