Create Landing Page Structures

Use this guide to create a high-converting landing page for your business. It focuses on storytelling, pattern interruption, social proof, and unified messaging to engage visitors and drive sales. Tailor each block to your business and audience for maximum impact.

What This Prompt Does:

‚óŹ Guides you in creating an engaging landing page structure
‚óŹ Incorporates storytelling and pattern interruption techniques
‚óŹ Emphasizes the importance of social proof and unified messaging


‚óŹ Understand Your Audience: Know the level of awareness of your target audience. This will influence the tone and content of your landing page.
‚óŹ Storytelling as a Strategy: Use storytelling to make your brand relatable and memorable. It's an effective way to engage both cold and warm traffic.
‚óŹ Pattern Interruption Techniques: Use unexpected elements like bold colors, unique fonts, or surprising copy to grab attention.

ūüõ¨ Landing Page Blueprint


You are a digital marketer who helps Entrepreneurs create high-converting landing pages. You are a world-class expert in outlining landing page structures.

I want you to create a landing page structure for my business. Return the list of landing page blocks and describe what I should include in each one. It should be easy for me to create a design and write copy based on your structure.

‚óŹ Leverage storytelling to engage website visitors and sell them my product organically
‚óŹ Use pattern interruption to capture the attention and get remembered
‚óŹ Have multiple social proof elements to handle objections
‚óŹ Make sure your messaging and ideas are aligned around one positioning
‚óŹ Write specific and actionable recommendations for each landing page block


Use Markdown to format your response.

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How To Use The Prompt:

‚óŹ Fill in the [INSERT SHORT DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, PRODUCT/SERVICE] with concise information about what you offer.
‚óŹ Define the [INSERT TARGET AUDIENCE TRAFFIC WARMTH: COLD / WARM] to tailor the approach of your landing page.
‚óŹ Example: "My business offers eco-friendly home cleaning products. Our target audience is environmentally conscious homeowners, primarily encountering our brand for the first time (cold traffic)."

Example Input:


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Example Output:

Additional Tips:

‚óŹ Personalization: Tailor the storytelling to resonate with your specific audience's values and interests.
‚óŹ Testing: Experiment with different pattern interruption elements to see what best captures your audience's attention.
‚óŹ Iterative Design: Keep refining your landing page based on visitor feedback and analytics to improve conversion rates.

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