Create Reddit Ad Copies

This mega-prompt creates Reddit ad copies that resonate with the essence of a subreddit, aiming to foster genuine community engagement and discussion around your product or service without overtly selling it. It's all about blending in and sparking curiosity.

What This Prompt Does:

● Analyzes and integrates into subreddit cultures.
● Crafts narrative-style ad copies.
● Encourages authentic engagement and discussion rather than direct promotion.


● Understand the Subreddit Culture: Before crafting your ad, spend time browsing the subreddit to get a sense of the community's tone, humor, and interests. This will help you create a message that feels native to the subreddit.
● Narrative Engagement: Frame your product or service within a story or thought experiment that naturally interests the community. This approach encourages users to engage with the content as part of a discussion, rather than viewing it as an ad.
● Invite Open Discussion: End your post with open-ended questions that relate to the subreddit's interests but are sparked by your product or service. This not only engages the community but also provides valuable feedback and insights.

😠 Reddit Ad Copy


Adopt the role of an expert content creator and strategist with extensive experience in navigating Reddit's unique social landscape. Your objective is to construct a Reddit ad copy aimed at fostering genuine interest and dialogue within a subreddit. This ad must subtly blend into the community's ongoing conversations and ethos, focusing on piquing curiosity and inviting members to engage in a constructive exchange about a product or service. The emphasis is on nurturing a non-promotional, organic interaction that enriches the subreddit's discourse.

You will craft an ad copy designed to seamlessly integrate into the subreddit's fabric, encouraging users to share their thoughts, insights, and experiences concerning your offering. The ad will be a catalyst for community-driven discussion, offering insights and soliciting feedback without overtly selling.

To achieve this nuanced approach, follow these guidelines:

1. Conduct thorough analysis of the target audience to grasp the nuances of its culture, the tone of discussions, and prevalent themes. This foundational understanding will guide the tone and content of your message.
2. Devise a headline that resonates with the subreddit's users by tapping into their interests, humor, or prevalent discussions. The headline should be intriguing yet aligned with the type of content typically appreciated by the community.
3. Craft the ad's body in a narrative style or as a thought experiment that directly relates to the interests and common discussions within the subreddit. Your introduction should feel like a natural extension of the subreddit's content.
4. Introduce your product or service as a point of discussion rather than a solution being sold. Share a story, a dilemma, or an observation that your product or service has led you to, inviting others to weigh in.
5. Pose open-ended questions that encourage reflection and sharing. Your goal is to initiate a conversation, not to lead it. Ask for opinions, experiences related to the theme of your product or service, or hypothetical scenarios that your product or service might affect.
6. Gently incorporate a call-to-action that encourages participation without requiring it. This could be an invitation to share thoughts in the comments, a question that asks for personal experiences, or a soft prompt to visit a link for more context (without pushing for a sale).
7. If applicable, mention any exclusive benefits for Reddit users subtly, framing it as an additional point for discussion rather than a hard sell.

● My product or service: [PRODUCT OR SERVICE]
● Target subreddit successful post example: [SUCCESSFUL SUBREDDIT POST EXAMPLE]
● Key interests or common topics in the subreddit: [INTERESTS OR TOPICS]
● Unique insights or observations my product/service has led to: [UNIQUE INSIGHTS]
● Specific problem my product or service sparks discussion about: [SPECIFIC PROBLEM]
● Exclusive offer for Reddit users (if any): [EXCLUSIVE OFFER]

Your Reddit ad copy will be a thoughtfully composed message that naturally encourages subreddit members to engage in discussion. It should read like an interesting post one might stumble upon while browsing, with the product or service woven into the narrative as a topic for conversation, not a commodity for purchase. The tone should be authentic, respectful of the community's norms, and designed to add value or insight into the ongoing discussions.

Title: "Ever Wondered How Technology Could Change [Common Interest]?"
Body: "I've been diving deep into how emerging technologies are intersecting with [common interest], and it's fascinating. For instance, [PRODUCT OR SERVICE] offers a new way to look at [SPECIFIC PROBLEM]. It's got me thinking—how might this change the way we approach [COMMON INTEREST] in the future? Have any of you had experiences that touch on this? How do you see [SPECIFIC PROBLEM] evolving with these advancements? Keen to hear your thoughts and any insights you might have!"

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How To Use The Prompt:

● Tailor the prompt with specific details about your product or service ([PRODUCT OR SERVICE]), drawing on successful post examples from your target subreddit ([SUCCESSFUL SUBREDDIT POST EXAMPLE]), the community's key interests ([INTERESTS OR TOPICS]), and any unique insights or observations your product/service has led to ([UNIQUE INSIGHTS]). Specify any problems your product/service sparks discussion about ([SPECIFIC PROBLEM]) and any exclusive offers for Reddit users ([EXCLUSIVE OFFER]).
● Example: "Our product is a mindfulness app designed to help reduce workplace stress. A successful subreddit post example discussed the impact of meditation on productivity. The subreddit frequently explores topics around mental health and work-life balance. Our app introduces the concept of 'micro-meditations' designed for busy schedules, sparking discussion on integrating mindfulness into hectic lives. We're offering a free one-month premium subscription exclusively for Reddit users."

Example Input:


● My product or service: Complete AI Bundle by God of Prompt, the biggest collection of easy-to-follow AI resources for busy entrepreneurs & small business owners.
● Target subreddit successful post example: A post detailing how someone automated their marketing processes, sharing tips and tools that garnered a lot of interest and comments on strategies.
● Key interests or common topics in the subreddit: Marketing automation, AI tools and prompts, efficient content creation, business growth strategies.
● Unique insights or observations my product/service has led to: The right AI tools can transform small businesses by streamlining workflows and reducing manual tasks, freeing up time for creativity and strategic thinking.
● Specific problem my product or service sparks discussion about: Small business owners are seeking ways to efficiently leverage AI for automation and content creation to reduce workload and improve productivity.
● Exclusive offer for Reddit users (if any): 10% off the Complete AI Bundle.

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Cultural Fit: Make sure your ad copy does not only blend into the subreddit's ongoing conversations but also adds value. Your goal is to enrich the community, not disrupt it.
● Soft Call-to-Action: Your CTA should be a natural part of the conversation, encouraging users to engage without feeling pressured. A soft invitation to visit a link for "more info" or "join the discussion" can be effective.
● Exclusive Offers: If you have an exclusive offer for Reddit users, mention it in a way that feels like an added bonus to the discussion, not the main focus of your post.

Additional Information:

Create engaging Reddit ad copy with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT. Foster genuine interest and dialogue within subreddits, seamlessly blending your ad into ongoing conversations.

● Understand the subreddit culture and tailor the ad's tone and content to resonate with users.
● Craft intriguing headlines that tap into the community's interests.
● Introduce your product or service through storytelling and thought-provoking questions.
● Encourage community-driven discussion and reflection.
● This mega-prompt ensures your Reddit ad copy initiates organic interactions, enriching subreddit discourse without overtly selling.

In conclusion, transform your Reddit marketing strategy with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT—your key to crafting ad copy that sparks meaningful engagement and drives authentic conversations.