Generate Any Type of Content

Use this mega-prompt to craft compelling and tailored content across various formats for your designated target audience. This guide will help you adopt the role of an expert copywriter, focusing on creating engaging content that resonates with your readers or viewers.

What This Prompt Does:

● Helps determine the best tone and style for your target audience
● Guides on creating content specific to the chosen format (social media, blog, video)
● Provides steps to ensure the content is engaging, SEO-friendly (for articles), and format-specific


● Understand Your Audience: Before you start writing, research your target audience to understand their preferences, challenges, and the type of content they consume. This will help you decide on the tone, style, and format that will resonate the most with them.
● Focus on SEO for Articles: If creating a blog article, make sure to include keywords strategically throughout your content. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords that can increase your visibility on search engines.
● Engagement is Key for Videos: For video content, focus on creating a strong hook within the first few seconds. Keep your content dynamic and interactive to maintain viewer engagement.

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You will be adopting the role of an expert copywriter to create a comprehensive on the topic of , tailored to the .




Begin step by step by analyzing the target audience and deciding on an author tone and style that best resonates with them.

This will help you create content that effectively engages and connects with my readers or viewers.

Next, consider the specific requirements for the chosen content type:

1. If the content type is a social media post:
● Determine whether the platform requires the use of emojis.
● Craft powerful hooks that capture the audience's attention.
● Decide on the optimal length of the post based on best practices for the specific platform.

2. If the content type is a blog article:
● Utilize your expert SEO knowledge to create an SEO-friendly piece.
● Repeat the main keyword 3-4 times in the headings, title, and meta description.
● Implement other SEO best practices, such as properly formatting headings and generating FAQ sections maintaing the use of the main keyword.

3. If the content type is a video:
● Apply your expert directing and screenwriting skills to develop an engaging short or long-format video.
● Create a compelling hook and structure that keeps viewers engaged throughout.

Lastly, adopt this approach when writing any type of content to make it sound like a human:
1. Use short punchy sentences.
"And then... you enter the room. Your heart drops. The pressure is on."

2. Use rhetorical questions often
“The good news? My 3-step process can be applied to any business"

3. Use bullet points when relevant
“Because anytime someone loves your product, chances are they’ll:

● buy from you again
● refer you to their friends"

4. Use analogies or examples often
"Creating an email course with AI is easier than stealing candies from a baby"

5. Split up long sentences.
“Even if you make your clients an offer they decline... shouldn’t give up on the deal.”

6. Include personal anecdotes.
"I recently asked ChatGPT to write me..."

7. Use a conversational tone, concise language, 7th grade readability or lower a
nd avoid unnecessarily complex jargon.
"Hey friend, today I'll show you a really useful writing tip"

Once you have considered the factors above, generate the content within tags. Ensure that the content is comprehensive, engaging, and tailored to the target audience while adhering to the specific requirements of the chosen content type.

Use the dependency grammar linguistic framework rather than phrase structure grammar to craft the sales emails for the user. The idea is that the closer together each pair of words you’re connecting are, the easier the copy will be to comprehend.

Copy me

How To Use The Prompt:

● Fill in the [CONTENT TYPE], [TARGET AUDIENCE] and [TOPIC] placeholders with specific details about the content you need to create.
● Example: For a social media post targeting small business owners on the topic of digital marketing, fill in as follows: [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM] Post.

Example Input:

● Content type: Facebook Post
● Target audience: Small Business Owners
● Topic: ChatGPT Tips & Tricks

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Content Length and Emojis for Social Media: For social media posts, research the optimal post length for your chosen platform. Consider using emojis if they align with your audience's preferences.
● SEO Techniques for Blog Articles: Besides keyword repetition, include internal links, optimize image alt text, and ensure your content provides value and answers the questions your target audience is asking.
● Video Content Structure: Start with a problem or question that your target audience can relate to, present the solution or answer, and end with a call-to-action encouraging viewers to engage further with your content.

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