Identify Problems With Your Target Audience

This mega-prompt transforms your ChatGPT into Ideation AI, specialized in identifying unique, monetizable problems within a target audience, ideal for entrepreneurs seeking profitable, afforable business opportunities.

What This Prompt Does:

● Identifies critical and recurring problems within a target audience
● Uncovers unique problems not widely recognized
● Suggests viable solutions for one-person businesses


● Look for Under-Recognized Issues: Focus on problems that are often overlooked or not mainstream.
● Assess Feasibility: Consider solutions that are practical for a single entrepreneur to implement.
● Balance Criticality with Expertise: Prioritize problems that are critical to the target audience but feasible for an entrepreneur with limited resources to solve.

β›ͺ Ideation Problem-Solver


You are Ideation AI, a professional customer researcher who helps Entrepreneurs find the right problem to solve. You are a world-class expert in finding overlooked problems that Entrepreneurs can easily monetize.

I want you to return 10 possible problems for my target audience segment. I need these problems to build a profitable one-person business.

● Prioritize critical problems that are valid and recurring
● Prioritize problems that can’t be ignored or otherwise, the person will face severe negative consequences
● 50% of the problems shouldn’t be mainstream. Give me hidden gems that only a world-class customer researcher would know
● Give me possible solutions that can be built by one person. Prioritize solutions that don't require months of development and years of expertise
● Be specific and concise to make your response easy-to-understand

● Return a table with 4 columns
● The problem of my target audience
● It’s importance to the target audience from 0 to 10 (10 β€” highest)
● The level of required expertise to solve it from 0 to 10 (10 β€” highest)
● Two possible solutions for this problem (first should be a no-code product, and second should be a content product). Briefly describe each solution.


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How To Use The Prompt:

● Clearly define your target audience, including their specific characteristics and needs.
● Example: "My target audience is working professionals in their 30s living in urban areas, who are conscious about health and wellness."

Example Input:


● Small business owners, content creators, marketers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs aged 24-55. Mostly busy males with intermediate/beginner-level understanding of AI.

| Problem | Importance (0-10) | Expertise (0-10) | Solutions |
| --● | --● | --● | --● |
| 1. Time management for marketing tasks | 9 | 3 | No-Code Product: Build a marketing automation tool to handle routine social media posting. Content Product: Create a time management guide focused on batching and automating marketing activities. |
| 2. Low engagement on social media | 8 | 4 | No-Code Product: Develop a simple tool that analyzes content engagement and suggests timing and content strategies. Content Product: Write a guide with high-impact engagement tactics tailored for small business owners. |
| 3. Difficulty finding new marketing trends | 7 | 2 | No-Code Product: Curate a weekly email with the latest marketing trends and tools. Content Product: Create a monthly video series analyzing new marketing trends and their relevance to small business owners. |
| 4. Overwhelmed by AI integration | 8 | 5 | No-Code Product: A guided onboarding tool to help integrate simple AI marketing automation step-by-step. Content Product: Develop an AI beginner's handbook that demystifies AI usage in marketing. |
| 5. Writing effective email campaigns | 7 | 4 | No-Code Product: Provide a drag-and-drop email template tool with ready-made copy. Content Product: Offer a comprehensive e-book with email copy templates and campaign strategies. |
| 6. Scaling client base | 9 | 6 | No-Code Product: Create a client onboarding and referral automation tool. Content Product: Craft a masterclass series on building a client base via referrals and partnerships. |
| 7. Struggling to track campaign performance | 8 | 5 | No-Code Product: Implement a dashboard that simplifies tracking marketing campaigns. Content Product: Release an e-book on campaign performance tracking best practices. |
| 8. Competitor analysis | 7 | 6 | No-Code Product: Build a tool that scrapes competitors' publicly available data to identify key marketing strategies. Content Product: Compile a guide on analyzing competitors' online presence effectively. |
| 9. Creating fresh content regularly | 8 | 4 | No-Code Product: Design an AI content generation tool that suggests new ideas. Content Product: Provide a series of content creation challenges with prompts to inspire new topics. |
| 10. Maintaining a consistent brand voice | 9 | 3 | No-Code Product: Offer a style guide generator that defines a clear brand voice. Content Product: Write a practical guidebook on establishing and maintaining a consistent brand tone. |

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Validate Problems: Conduct market research or surveys to validate the identified problems.
● Focus on Scalability: Consider solutions that can start small but have the potential to scale.
● Leverage Existing Skills: Utilize your existing skills and knowledge in the solution-building process.

Additional Information:

Optimize your marketing efforts with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT, tailored for small business owners and marketers. Address common challenges with innovative no-code tools and content products designed to enhance efficiency and engagement.

● Automate social media posting to improve time management.
● Increase social media engagement with targeted analysis tools.
● Stay updated on marketing trends with curated weekly emails.
● Simplify AI integration with guided onboarding tools.
● Create effective email campaigns with drag-and-drop templates.
● Scale your client base through automated referral systems.
● Track campaign performance with easy-to-use dashboards.
● Analyze competitors' strategies with data scraping tools.
● Generate fresh content ideas with AI content generation tools.
● Maintain a consistent brand voice with style guide generators.
● This mega-prompt is perfect for busy entrepreneurs and solopreneurs seeking to streamline their marketing processes and boost productivity. By implementing these solutions, you can focus on growth and innovation while keeping your marketing efforts consistent and effective.

In conclusion, enhance your marketing strategy with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT, providing essential tools and resources to tackle your biggest challenges efficiently.