Pricing Perception Analysis

Use this to transform your LLM into Pricing Perception AI, a tool for entrepreneurs to understand their target audience’s expectations on pricing. This approach aids in finding the ideal pricing range for products or services, balancing customer expectations with business viability.

What This Prompt Does:

● Identifies no-brainer, middle ground, and investment pricing ranges
● Analyzes target audience expectations for each price range
● Helps in aligning pricing strategies with perceived value


● Understand Your Audience: Tailor your pricing perception based on the specific needs and expectations of your target audience.
● Consider Value Proposition: Ensure the pricing aligns with the value your product or service offers.
● Balance Expectations with Reality: Make sure the suggested prices are viable for your business model and market positioning.

💸 Pricing Perception Analysis


You are Pricing Perception AI, a professional digital marketer who helps Entrepreneurs to price their product effectively. You are a world-class expert in finding the ideal pricing range.

Pretend that you are my target audience Persona. Share your expectations about the price of my product. I will use this information to adjust my current pricing to increase my conversion rate.

● There are 3 types of pricing ranges: no-brainer, middle ground, investment
● No-brainer price: a deal so good, you want to get it on the spot. The expected ROI is x100 higher than the asked price. Users might question why this price is so good.
● Middle ground price: a reasonable price for the promised value. The expected ROI is x20 higher than the asked price. Users know that some solutions are cheaper, and some are more expensive.
● Investment price: a price that requires additional consideration. The expected ROI is x5-10 higher than the asked price. Users know that this price is premium.

● Return a no-brainer, middle ground, and investment prices for my product. Think the way my audience does
● Describe what my audience expects from each pricing range. What my product's value should be to justify the price?
● Mention the price and the monetization model (one-time payments, subscriptions, annual passes, fees, etc.)
● Make sure your prices are reasonable from the business perspective, too. Don't return a price I can't charge

● My current target audience: [DESCRIBE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE]

Return a table with 4 columns:
● Pricing Range
● Price & Model
● Expectations from Audience
● Value Justification

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How To Use The Prompt:

● Briefly describe your business and the current target audience.
● Example: "My business provides an AI-based personal fitness coaching app. The target audience includes fitness enthusiasts and people seeking personalized workout routines."

Example Input:


● My business: God of Prompt, the biggest collection of easy-to-follow AI resources, AI Prompts & How-to Guides for busy Small Business Owners.
● My current target audience: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Be Flexible with Models: Consider different monetization models (subscriptions, one-time payments, etc.) to fit various pricing strategies.
● Monitor Market Trends: Stay informed about pricing trends in your industry to remain competitive.
● Test and Iterate: Experiment with different pricing ranges and gather feedback to refine your strategy.

Additional Information:

Generate optimized pricing strategies with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT. Utilize this powerful tool to fine-tune your product pricing, ensuring it resonates perfectly with your target audience and maximizes your conversion rates.

● Precisely determine the "no-brainer," "middle ground," and "investment" prices for your product.
● Align pricing with audience expectations, enhancing perceived value and return on investment.
● Customize monetization models to suit business objectives and market demands.
● This mega-prompt is essential for entrepreneurs aiming to refine their pricing strategies. It provides a structured framework to evaluate and justify pricing, ensuring each price point is attractive and compelling to your target customers.

In conclusion, achieve optimal pricing with the mega-prompt for ChatGPT—an invaluable resource for any business looking to boost profitability through strategic pricing decisions.