Viral Tweet Writer

Use this mega-prompt to transform any text/video transcript into 50 original, concise, and engaging tweets that mirror the creator's tone of voice. Perfect for amplifying your social media presence with minimal effort.

What This Prompt Does:

● Teaches you to identify and replicate the unique tone of any content creator.
● Guides you in extracting compelling ideas from video transcripts for tweet creation.
● Provides a streamlined process for generating high-engagement tweets without the need for hashtags, emojis, or exclamation marks.


● Understand the Creator's Tone: Before starting, copy the text/watch the video or read a portion of the transcript to grasp the creator's style and tone. This ensures the tweets feel authentic.
● Idea Extraction: Aim to extract not just 100 ideas but also themes, quotes, and insights from the transcript that can stand alone as impactful tweets.
● Tweet Refinement: After drafting your tweets, review them to ensure they meet the constraint requirements and polish them for clarity and impact.

🐣 Viral Video Writer


I want you to write tweets for me based on a transcript.

These tweets are characterized by being extremely original and unique. They are always based on the tone of voice of the creator of the transcript, while still being written in a concise tone.
For context, [INSERT CONTEXT]

Here are some examples of "tweets", separated by [NEW TWEET]:

People's attention spans are FUCKED.

This is why I created a SUPER basic landing page for my course waitlist.

My thoughts:

Give them a short, bite-size overview instead of a long sales page.

Write everything like a tweet.

Result :

The landing page converts at almost 80%.


Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you.


Leverage is a force multiplier for your judgement.


If you could choose between two teachers:

1. The Natural
2. The Non-Natural

And they're both equally skilled,

I'd go with the Non-Natural.

A Natural is good at the talent but can struggle teaching it.

A Non-Natural is a great teacher because he wasn't born with the talent.


Some premium Twitter bro advice I’ve seen lately:

● Smoke cigs to focus
● Take 4 hour ice baths
● Stare at the sun for energy

Have a day off

What’s is going to be next?

“Inhale paint fumes for creativity”

You make money.
People say you're scamming.

You get jacked.
People say you're on roids.

You grow a following.
People say you bought 'em.

People will talk shit regardless, so do whatever the fuck makes you happy.

Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching.


Here is the transcript I want you to create tweets from:



Now, do this:

1) Learn what tone of voice and structure characterizes tweets
2) Read the transcript and silently extract 100 ideas from it
3) Based on the constraints I gave you, write 50 new tweets in the tone of voice of the transcript creator for me.

Constraints for the tweets:

1 No hashtags
2 No emojis
3 Concise tone of voice
4 Use complete sentences
5 Don't use exclamation marks
6 Must be shorter than 280 characters
7 Must be in the tone of voice of the transcript creator

Copy me

How To Use The Prompt:

● Transcript Acquisition: Use Glasp or Otter to easily obtain transcripts from videos or recorded conversations. Install the necessary extension or app, and follow the instructions to copy the transcript.
● Insert Context: Customize the prompt by filling in your personal or business context in the [INSERT CONTEXT] section. This tailors the tweet output to better align with your brand or persona.
● Example Context: "I am a solopreneur and I write a publication called 'The AI Solopreneur'. I post content on Twitter, have a community full of AI-driven solopreneurs, and publish a newsletter twice a week. All my content is made specifically about how Solopreneurs can use AI to streamline their business, work faster, and make more money."

Example Input:


● My business: [God of Prompt, the biggest collection of easy-to-follow AI resources, AI Prompts & How-to Guides for busy Small Business Owners.]
● My product/service: [Complete AI Bundle by God of Prompt, the biggest collection of easy-to-follow AI resources for busy entrepreneurs & small business owners.]
● My target audience: [Small business owners, content creators, marketers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs. Age 24-55. Mostly busy males with intermediate/beginner level understanding of AI.]

Example Output:

Additional Tips:

● Review & Polish: Once tweets are generated, meticulously review each one for adherence to constraints and the creator's tone. Make adjustments as needed for clarity and impact.
● Engagement Analysis: After posting your tweets, monitor engagement (likes, retweets, replies) to identify which types of tweets resonate most with your audience. Use these insights for future content creation.
● Creative Expansion: Consider applying the principles of this mega-prompt to other forms of social media content, such as LinkedIn posts or Instagram captions, adjusting for platform-specific nuances.

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